Zombie Series Pack #1 - 19" x 24" 10 Pack



Are you ready for a Zombie apocalypse? This Zombie Series Pack #1 – 19″ x 24″ 10 Pack will be an excellent tool to assist your zombie shooting skills. This fun target has multiple target zones and scoring rings to aid in sighting and help improve your accuracy. These zombies can be fired upon with bow and arrows, air rifles, firearms, paintballs, and child-safe foam darts. Zombie Series Pack #1 – 19″ x 24″ 10 Pack is not only fun for the shooting range but an exciting new game for birthday parties, backyard BBQ’s or any celebratory event. These targets can easily be attached to a bale of hay or a large piece of cardboard to make them sturdier. Can you hit all the targets placed on these zombies? The fate of the world could depend on it, just remember to aim for the head and don’t get bit!!