Wicked North Nature Calls Kit



Wicked North Nature Calls Kit contains a glove, a toilet paper roll, wipes, a scat bag, and a small re-closable plastic bag. The toilet paper is 4-ply for your comfort. The scat bag you use to put the waste in, is 100% recyclable. The wipes are pre-moistened and there are two (2) included in this kit. The Wicked North Nature Calls Kit is compact enough to fit in a backpack, jacket pocket, or a tackle box. When nature calls you will be thankful for having this essential item ready and packed. This is a great gift for the ones who love the outdoors. Whether you’re on the hunt, camping out, fishing, hiking, or just off the grid getting lost in nature, this¬†5-piece kit has everything you need to save your day. Do not head out on your next outdoor adventure without the Wicked North, Nature Calls Kit if and when nature calls, you will be sorry when that emergency hits!