SHADDOCK Trout Fishing Tackle Kit 150pcs



SHADDOCK Trout Fishing Tackle Kit 150pcs is great for learning how to fish for the many types of trout fish and kokanee fish. These fishing accessories are made for use in any lake, pond, river stream, or freshwater fisheries of your choosing. With in this package you will receive the following gear and equipment: 3 minnow lures, 1 Casting Spoon, 2 Rooster Spinner Baits, 2 Metal Trout Spinners Lures, 6 Marabou Jigs, 10 Trout Worms, 5 Grub Lures, 30 Bait holder Hooks, 15 Treble Hooks, 6 Jig Heads, 5 Float Bobber, 15 Barrel Swivels, 30 Luminous Beads & 20 Sinker Weights. All of these accessories are packaged in an easy to carry 6.7″ x 3.6″ tackle box organizer, making it convenient to keep all your favorite gear ready to go at any moment. SHADDOCK Trout Fishing Tackle Kit 150pcs has an ideal amount of accessories in the right colors and sizes keeping you prepared for any fishing adventures that may arise.