Survival Purifier Portable Electric Water Filter System



Survival Purifier Portable Electric Water Filter System has an innovative 5 stage filtration system with micron ultra-high precision. It effectively can improve the taste of any source of water you come across.  It has an Ultrafiltration membrane, PP cotton, KDF and activated carbon found in the filter element. This system has passed FDA standard testing, FCC, UL, SGS certifications. It can effectively isolate chlorine, sediment and other large particles helping to improve the taste. To clean water outdoors while you are setting up tents, cooking, packing or unpacking bags, there is a full automatic/ all day button on this system keeping your hands free to do all those other tasks. There is a large built in lithium battery that can be powered by solar panel, vehicle supplied, mobile phone etc. One charge can purify 16800mls (5681oz) of water. This is ideal for hiking, camping, backpacking, international travel or to improve your own home water quality. Survival Purifier Portable Electric Water Filter System purifies 17 ounces of clean water per minute. Once the product cartridge is used for more than 180 days, or the water purification volume reaches 1000L it is recommended to change the filter.  The maximum suction head from nozzle to the IN pump has the maximum support height at 1.5m. The storage bag makes it easy to carry all the accessories and it can hang on your belt or attach it to your backpack.