Piranha Raptor Multi Jointed Fishing Lures



Piranha Raptor Multi Jointed Fishing Lures is a veteran owned company and believes in giving back to veterans, law enforcement and public safety personnel alike. These lures are a multi-jointed 8 section segmented construction life-like tackle. This swimbait is armed with 6 extremely sharp hooks please use caution when handling them. The 3D eyes and premium coating are very enticing attributes to generate and attract a wide range of fish. Piranha Raptor Multi Jointed Fishing Lures have been extensively tested and it has an enticing life-like swimming action that is perfectly tuned to generate incredibly aggressive reaction strikes. These slow sink fishing tackle lure come in their own carrying case making it quick and easy to help you prepare for your next great fishing adventure. Our premium quality fishing lures are exceptional for catching Bass, Striped Bass, Trout, Walleye, Pike, Perch, Pickerel, Muskie, and a wide range of other types of fish.