MOSSY OAK Hunting Field Dressing Kit



MOSSY OAK Hunting Field Dressing Kit comes with eight (8) pieces that are easily transported in the convenient carrying case. Each stainless steel item is made of 3CR13 and has full tang camouflage-colored handles. This makes them more difficult to bend, snap or break and gives them longer durability. Inside of this carry case you will have an 8-3/4″ Wood/Bone Saw, Steel Stick/Brisket Spreader, 7.5″ Caping Knife, 9.5″ Gut Hook Skinner, 10″ Boning Knife, Tungsten Carbide V-Sharpener, Red Game Cleaning Gloves. The angle of the blade bevel is 30 degrees on all the knives. The caping knife has 2.85mm thickness with a 3.4″ blade. The gut hook skinner features a 3.2 mm thickness with a 3.9″ blade and is designed for quick processing of game. The saw has 1.9 mm thickness with 5″ serrations and has a blunt hooked tip to avoid any harming of the meat during dressing. The serrations on this blade are configured to increase efficiency with T-handle and innovative hook tip. It is recommended that you wash the knives and the saw by hand and dry them in time after washing, using a dishwasher is not recommended and can dull your knives much quicker.