LESOVI Portable Waterproof Tackle Box



The small sized LESOVI Portable Waterproof Tackle Box has 12 compartments and is measurements are 4 x3 3 1.3 inches and weights approximately 3.89 ounces. This small sized tackle box is great for small stuff such as fishing hooks and fishing swivels. Having a rubber belt around the perimeter makes this is a well-designed¬†waterproof tackle box it evens floats on water! It is made from tough impact resistant plastic and has a durable silicone seal. The hinges won’t break after repeated use for they are designed for the joint. You won’t need to open each lid one by one and cover after using just release the latch, the lid on the compartment will open automatically. The LESOVI Portable Waterproof Tackle Box are so mini you can put them in your fishing backpack or fishing vest’s pocket, they are totally right for any person who enjoys fishing.