Redpesca 78pc Ice Fishing Gear



Redpesca 78pc Ice Fishing Gear has a nice assortment of shapes and colors giving your fisherman a variety of ice fishing rigs to choose from. Some of these tiny ice fishing lures are equipped with a diamond on the head that can reflect light and attract more fish. Also note that part of the lures are coated with luminous material and can glow in the dark, they just need to be under a light for a while to enhance this wonderful ability. The 3D eyes, vivid colors and the life-like swimming action are effective in attracting fish that are farther and deeper away. All the fishing jigs are made of premium materials and the high carbon steel hooks are razor sharp and durable. Redpesca 78pc Ice Fishing Gear includes 54 pieces of ice fishing jigs, 4 pieces of ice fishing spoons, 20 pieces of ice fishing bait all stored in a convenient tackle box. The weight of the jigs are from 1/32 oz to 1/10 oz and they are 0.59″ to 1.38″ long. The plastics size are 0.3g x 30mm and 0.4g x 40mm. designed for most spieces of fish like walleyes, crappie, bluegills, panfish, perch, sunfish, pike and etc.