HKAMPA 3D Archery Target Large Rabbit



HKAMPA 3D Archery Target Large Rabbit is a long-lasting, self-healing target. All Khampa products are made with high quality self-healing foam. This foam will last long and makes arrow removal quite effortless. There is no obvious odor from the foam or the UV resistant paint. This target has good elasticity and anti-aging/ corrosion resistance. This‎ 5.6 Pound target is so lightweight it will be easy to carry on your next practice session. The 22 x 12 x 12 inch large rabbit target is a great size for transporting to any new location for target practice. The archery rack is very suitable for indoor and outdoor competitions or daily archery practice. The feet of the 3D archery target frame are not detachable, but under the leg there is an extra part that is not overwhelmed by the force of arrows. This target can withstand up to more then 500 arrows during any archery practice, archery competition, outdoor hunting, etc. HKAMPA 3D Archery Target Large Rabbit is not only great for target practice, but they also make great additions to your gardens or landscapes around your house. For those who are looking for natural looking effects to place around your mini-golf course or amusement parks this is a great option for you to consider. Looking at this large rabbit target is the same as looking at a real rabbit.