High Caliber AR500 Monster Targets



High Caliber AR500 Monster Target is made in the USA! This target can withstand repeated shots because all the steel is a special high carbon steel hardened, so the bullets bounce off or are vaporized upon impact.  This Big Foot will not go down easily!! This is a great addition to your shooting range repertoire. This target has a flat black paint to prevent rust and corrosion. This also helps to keep the sun glare from blinding you while you are out on the hunt for Big Foot! This Big Foot target has 1/4 inch thickness and is great for all pistols, the only exclusion is the 44 Magnum. All the pistol shooting targets are ready to hang once they are received thanks to the pre-cut mounting holes. The maximum bullet speed is 2850 fps and the maximum bullet energy is 700ft lbs. these measurements were taken at the target. So who’s ready to try and take down Big Foot?