GlenDel 3D Archery Target Buck and Hog Set



GlenDel 3D Archery Target Buck and Hog Set both have Polyfusion Technology within the layers of the inner target walls. Removal of your arrows can be done quite easily. This deer and hog targets are made to be tough and realistic. The Deer has replaceable insert core, the insert dimensions are 11″x11″x11″ (order Glendel #G71100). The Hog unfortunately does not have this feature. They are both lightweight and easy to set up for your target practice, or for 3D target competitions. The Life-Like Buck Stands 34″ at shoulder height, the overall height is 56″ with 150″ B&C Antlers. The head of this deer is removable to enhance maneuverability. The Life-Like Hog stands ‎32.3″ x 19.8 “x 8.25 “. This is a 1-piece true-to-life look 3D Archery Target. The GlenDel 3D Archery Target Buck and Hog Set are constructed of strong, weather-resistant, high-impact foam and can withstand hundreds of shots from field points, broadheads and expandables. These targets can be moved around to give you different and better hunting practice scenarios, almost as if you were out on that big hunt.