DAPERCI Live Fish Bait Bucket



DAPERCI Live Fish Bait Bucket is made of strong thickened EVA compressed molded material. It is not only durable but it is very conveniently reusable. The capacity of this bucket measurements are 85cm x 23cm x 25cm, so with this large capacity you can be sure you will have space for all your catches of the day. The sealing ring and the pull belt give an excellent sealing performance and refuses to leak no matter how often it is shaken or bumped. The DAPERCI Live Fish Bait Bucket comes with a wide shoulder strap that helps to reduce pressure or you can carry it by hand. This makes it convenient to carry plus it gives you the option to go hands free in order to carry other items you may need for your fishing adventures. The DAPERCI Live Fish Bait Bucket folds to a thickness of 5-10cm because the handle can be closed making it easier for you to fold and store away until you are ready to use it again.