Dynamic Shooters Large Range Silhouette



Dynamic Shooters Large Range Silhouette are 17X25-inches and has 100 sheets in this package. They are designed, printed, and packed in the USA! Made from good quality paper using vivid inks, these paper shooting targets are a valuable addition to every shooting enthusiast’s collection. Featuring a human silhouette with 4 zone target areas: head, chest, two on the top sides. The sharply numbered zones can be effortlessly viewed from a distance. Dynamic Shooters Large Range Silhouette are designed by expert shooting enthusiasts, and it is perfect for accuracy and precision practice, training for upcoming competitions, shooting games, and self-defense training. These targets are printed on white paper with a matt finish, no glossiness. The paper targets are usable with high-caliber guns like rifles, handguns, shotguns, airsoft, BB guns, and pellet guns. To prevent curling and distortions each sheet in the set is folded once and packaged flat in a 13”x17.5” box. Easy to use just mount it on the wall or use a free-standing hanging bracket, good both indoors and outdoors.