Dragon Targets Rancher Supply AR500 Steel Targets 3/8 Inch Thick Laser Cut Turkey



American Made Steel Dragon Targets Rancher Supply AR500 Steel Targets 3/8-Inch-Thick Laser Cut Turkey is made from high quality and durable AR500 steel right here in the great USA! Our AR500 targets can be flipped from side to side to protect against premature pitting and with proper use and care, will last a lifetime.  These targets are made with a CNC laser cutter to keep the steel targets from diminishing prematurely. Using plasma or other sources weakens the steel causing it to not last as long. The AR500 Steel is painted with a matte white non-reflective paint to minimize glare and ensures maximum visibility. Once the original paint is gone it can easily be re-painted. Not to worry you will have no need to check for strikes for you will hear each loud dinging noise for each hit made! All safety protocols and guidelines should be strictly adhered to when target shooting. FREE SHIPPING