DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags


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DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags are made of quality mesh and have convenient shoulder straps letting you keep your hands free for all your other hunting equipment. There are two (2) quality mesh decoy bags in this package giving you the ability to carry up to 2 dozen duck decoys in each bag. This is also based on your choice of decoy style and size. You can fit up to 6 full-bodied magnum Canadian goose decoys or 5 full size flextone Turkey decoys. (1 up right hen,2 feeder hens, 1/4 strut Jake and a Tom with fold up fan). DecoyPro Mesh Decoy Bags are lightweight, quick drying, and durable in any type of weather. This bag has a drawstring closure tab that securely holds your decoys inside while trekking to your favorite hunting grounds.