Cuda 6-Piece Fish Fillet Knife Set with Sharpener (18133)



Cuda 6-Piece Fish Fillet Knife Set with Sharpener is enhanced with German 4116 titanium-bonded stainless-steel blades which makes them corrosion-resistant and gives a superior rust protection. These knifes are Full-Tanged and provides more strength to the blade and reduces brakeage. Our knives feature a unique non-slip Cuda pattern along the handles for added grip-ability. Our fishing kit includes 4 knives the 2.5″ knife is perfect for cutting bait and shelling. The 6″ Fillet Knife features a flexible blade for all-purpose filleting. The 6″ Curved Boning Knife features a precision ground edge that allows the user to quickly de-bone without puncturing the fish. The 9″ Chunk Knife is serrated perfect for tough cuts, chunking and frozen bait. If you are having a little bit of cutting difficulties, grab your Two-In-One Sharpener and sharpen those edges. The sharpener is non-slip and come with a convenient key chain. The convenient heavy-duty zippered case has secure Velcro handle straps, a special sharpener pocket and tip protector pockets for knife blades. The sharpener hones and sharpens non-serrated knives.