Aorace Fishing Lures Kit Mixed



Aorace Fishing Lures Kit Mixed is designed to provoke surface strikes and create lifelike swimming action to attract the attention of unexpecting fish. They are made of durable ABS hard plastic body with a beautiful coating and sharp metal hooks. Lifelike scale patterns and vivid 3D eyes are also a quality component to these compacted concaved headed lures. The steel balls inside flow to the tail during casting helping you cast further and ensure the swimming action of every bait. The 68pcs Fishing Lures Kit Mixed includes the following: 10pcs 1-minnow lure, 10pcs 2-minnow lure, 8pcs 3-minnow lure, 5pcs 4-minnow lure, 4pcs 5-minnow lure, 5pcs 6-popper lure, 6pcs 7-metal VIB, 20pcs 8-anti bite steel fishing line. These work for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Excellent for catching ‎Bass, Muskellunge, Trout, Salmon, Striped Bass, Northern Pike.