Anyyion 16.5-Inch Tool Box



Anyyion 16.5-Inch Tool Box features metal Stainless steel lock and latch with a small padlock eye. Making it easy to secure your tools with your choice of locking mechanism (not included).  The top storage box is equipped with an interior organizer tray that helps to avoid loss of small parts and pieces. The bottom storage compartment can hold your larger tools and heavier items. Anyyion 16.5-Inch Toolbox is made of high-quality PP Plastic Construction and has been tested for durability. It has passed a freezing test at temperatures of -22°F, and it was still resistant to smashing and falls without cracking. The non-slip handle guarantees a secure hold of this toolbox keeping all you need in the clutch of your hands. The dimensions of this wonderful organizer are as follows: 16.5*8.5*7.5 inch; Internal Dimensions:14.76*6.3*5.12inch; Item Weight:3.75pounds.