134 Pcs Fishing Tool Kit



134 Pcs Fishing Tool Kit is a comprehensive combination fishing tool kit. Exquisite baits and lures can help you catch more fish using any of the tools that are included with this kit. Some of the lures and baits are as follows: poppers, minnows, spinners, sequins, plastic worms, tail fish, offset hooks, jig heads, fishing weight sinkers, pins, tube hooks, and a roll of 100 m nylon thread. Once you catch your fish use the lip gripper to clamp the fish and the hook remover or the pliers to take out the hook while protecting your hands from the hook itself in the removal process. The pliers have a wide range of use other than hook removal, such as cutting or bind fishing lines and steel wires. Like most fishermen you’ll be eager to weight your catch as soon as possible which is why there is an LCD high-definition digital hanging scale that provides accurate measurements and is included for your convenience. The maximum weight of this handheld fish scale is about 110 lb/ 50 kg and will save power by automatically turning off when not in use. All of this is included in the 134 Pcs Fishing Tool Kit with a lightweight, portable convenient tackle box to keep it all organized.