12" X 18" Photo-Realistic Design Hostage Targets



12″ X 18″ Photo-Realistic Design Hostage Targets is printed with high-grade professional ink on heavy-duty, premium quality paper. The bright neon colors are helpful in boosting visibility. The zones are clearly defined giving you the best shooting experience possible by allowing you to view the bullet holes along with the markers. You can hang these on a wall or from a free-standing bracket making it versatile in usage on different ranges indoors or outdoors. We provide an e-book with expert guidance and recommendations about shooting practice with the purchase of our professional paper targets for the best shooting experience possible. This 12″ X 18″ Photo-Realistic Design Hostage Targets comes with 4 different poster designs each in a set of 10, giving you 40 total in this package. Our shooting targets can be used as pistol, rifle, airsoft, handguns just to name a few. There are 150 free repair stickers to cover the bullet holes giving longer life to your targets. They are created in the USA.